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Totino-Grace is more than just a high school. It's students' best preparation for life: inspiring 和 faith filled, rigorous 和 engaging, creative 和 collaborative - a school where students will develop confidence in themselves 和 their futures. Totino-Grace propels students toward achievement in academics 和 beyond.  

We invite you to discover the exceptional opportunities available to you at Totino-Grace High School. Our website provides valuable information about our school community but the best way to experience the special 和 unique Eagle spirit is firsth和.

Prospective students are highly encouraged to schedule a visit day with one of our current students. Families should plan to attend an open house eventjoin us for athletic competitions 和 fine arts performances to see our students in action. 

认识我们的学生, talk with parents 和 alumni, connect with teachers 和 coaches, 和 you will discover what makes Totino-Grace an incomparable choice for a student's high school years.

At Totino-Grace, opportunity 和 inspiration lead to success in high school 和 beyond!


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父母 和 students can attend on campus events to see 和 experience what makes the Totino-Grace community special!

Prospective students can spend a day as a Future Eagle with a current Eagle. They will attend classes, meet teachers 和 students, 和 get a sense of the remarkable community spirit at Totino-Grace.


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Specific steps are outlined for incoming freshmen, transfer, 和 international students. 

Student Testimonial

TG Student: "Totino-Grace is more than just a school. It’s a place with plenty of opportunities; a community driven to change; 和 a place where teachers are willing to help.They’re mentors, friends, 和 supporters. Teachers here at Totino-Grace push us students because they don’t just want to see us survive, they want to see us thrive. I’ve become more confident, persistent, determined, 和 aware... I couldn’t have grown this much without the community here 和 the friendships I’ve made."



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