在20世纪50年代末,圣. 保罗和明尼阿波利斯 in Minnesota sought to expand the number of Catholic high schools in the Twin Cities area. 与此同时, 约瑟夫·拉宾斯基阁下, 哥伦比亚高地圣母无原罪教区的牧师, purchased some land in nearby 弗里德利 in the hope that the Archdiocese would build one of these new high schools there. 很快就批准了建一所新高中, 1965年, 基督教兄弟会承担了管理学校的责任. 巴黎圣母院的学校姐妹会加入了兄弟会的行列, 并于1966年9月开办了大主教格雷斯高中, 175名新生. 第一届毕业班是1970届.

从一开始, the Brothers and Sisters welcomed the presence of laymen and laywomen as their colleagues in every area of the school's operation. 直到今天, these men and women have provided the continuity of spirit and tradition that is one of the school's strengths. 这所学校在20世纪60年代末和70年代初不断发展. In 1970, the Christian Brothers informed the Archdiocese that they could no longer be personally responsible for the financial operation of the school, 一个非专业的公司董事会开始为学校制定政策.

这所学校最初的命名是为了纪念大主教托马斯L. 格蕾丝是明尼苏达州早期的主教,也是教育的先驱. In 1980, the name of the school was augmented to Totino-Grace to honor the generous benefaction of Jim and Rose Totino, 冷冻披萨行业的企业家们. Today Totino-Grace is one of the largest (with a student population of approximately 800) of the thirteen Catholic high schools in the Archdiocese of St. 保罗和明尼阿波利斯.

The school's long association with the Christian Brothers and its support of the Lasallian educational mission led Totino-Grace to declare itself to be a Lasallian School in 1997. Totino-Grace is now part of a worldwide network of Lasallian Schools with approximately 5000 Brothers and 70,他在82个国家教了近100万名学生. Lasallian educators believe that to touch the hearts of the children entrusted to them is the greatest miracle of all.

当Totino-Grace于1966年开业时, the Christian Brothers and School Sisters of Notre Dame introduced our community to the people we now call our 创始人 -- not because DeLaSalle or Blessed Theresa ever walked the halls of Totino-Grace, 而是因为他们对上帝的信仰, 他们作为教育者的使命, their 爱 of students is what inspired the Brothers and the Sisters in those early years; it’s what still inspires us today.

我们一起继续纪念圣. 喇沙施洗约翰 and Blessed Theresa Gerhardinger and all the men and women who came before us to continue their tradition of faith, 爱, 和教育.



A crest or shield is the oldest mark of identity and one that immediately results in a sense of belonging. The crest is a symbol of the strength of the Totino-Grace community and the feeling of family people experience.

纹章是位于纹章左侧的一系列倒V. 纹章传达了圣. 施洗约翰·德·拉萨尔, 基督教兄弟会的创始人, 并强调了学校对延续喇沙修士使命的承诺.

十字架清楚地表明我们是一所天主教学校. 耶稣基督是我们身份的中心.

顶部的火焰是学习之灯或光. 本着圣特蕾莎·格哈丁格和圣母院修女会的精神, 我们是一个致力于学习和信仰的教育社区. 我们是有信仰的人,被呼召为他人带来光明.

The colors of blue and gold are the historic colors of Totino-Grace and are colors of the De La Salle family crest.

1966年是Totino-Grace成立的一年. 它提醒我们,虽然我们可能在年龄上年轻, 尽管如此,我们仍然自豪地庆祝我们严谨的学术传统, 忠诚的服务, 以及所有项目的卓越和公平.